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What is a Food Safety Management System?
Implementing a food safety management system is important for a safer consumer, safer employees and a workplace with safe work policies. Food Safety systems are designed to manage the processes designed to keep consumers safe, prevent recalls and eliminate cross contamination. The systems also work to prevent workplace incidents that can impact workers, their families, and employers. Most traditional programs are reactive, thus addressing the concern after the incident occurs versus preventive in nature.

An FSMS helps ensure the coordination of resources that defines the roles and responsibilities of the organization, management, and employees, creating a proactive approach to managing food safety and risk. Using an FSMS helps the organization achieve a clearer evaluation of safety risks. Implementing several aspects of the FSMS allows the organization to focus on achieving goals, tracking performance, and monitoring outcomes that can move the system from basic to more sophisticated. The system is designed to meet the requirements of certifying bodies at all levels.

The overall goal of the system is to achieve a level of continuous improvement through risk management, mitigation, and a reduction of non-conformities. Improvement results from knowledge and experience working within the system and information gathered from inspections, observations, and safety situations. Additionally, an FSMS helps an organization evaluate and react when new processes, organizational changes, and regulatory requirements are implemented.

Why a Food Safety Management System?
A food safety management system (FSMS) is an organizational tool that manages food safety and risk. An FSMS helps evaluate all food safety issues, concerns, and risks. It also helps organizations respond to and meet food safety regulations, industry certifications, and company-specific policies and procedures.

FSMSs are designed to help organizations:
  • Prevent workplace incidents and non-conformances
    • Identification and management of possible risks and areas of concern will reduce the chance incidents and non-conformances occurring.
  • Ensure compliance with laws and regulations including HACCP and SQF
    • Law, regulations, and policies are ever-changing. An FSMS can help manage and report on tasks required to comply with requirements. Online documentation helps with reporting and assurance of completion of required tasks. A document management tool helps ensure accurate policies and procedures are available.
  • Reduce costs
    • Food safety programs develop ensure policies are in place that can reduce costs to employers due to recalls and contamination. Online documentation and automated verification reduce the time required for employees to complete monitoring thus freeing up time to do other activities that improve productivity.
  • Engage workers, increase productivity, and enhance culture
    • When employees feel appreciated and recognize that the organization cares about their safety and the safety of the consumer, they will be more willing to engage in activities that ensure safe practices that meet all regulations.
    • Reduce risk of food borne illness and recalls When policies are in place and being followed, risky situations will be reduced. With an FSMS, there are defined processes in place if an incident occurs, and employees are assured that they know how the company will respond.
FSMSs work best when:
  • Safety management activities are documented
  • Critical food control points are analyzed with non-conformances
  • Mitigation actions are developed and implemented
  • Reporting systems are in place

What is included in the intRAtrain FSMS
intRAtrain™ FSMS is the approach to managing and developing a food safety culture by focusing efforts and resources on factors that count most towards preventing recalls, contamination and non-conformances; while reducing risk of food quality issues. The system includes a defined plan and organized effort, whose purpose is to support all personnel to work in a cooperative effort to prevent incidents, reduce risk and ensure compliance. The system encourages a food safety culture created and enforced by all users. The FSMS tools can be used to meet general safety needs creating a complete package for organizations.

The system includes tools that help with:
  • Strategic Planning
  • Compliance
  • Safe Practices
  • Hazard Identification
  • Food Safety Training
  • Behavioral Safety
  • Risk Mitigation

Components Image
Food Safety and Risk Management
intRAtrain believes that people are the heart of an organization. We help organizations manage processes and reduce risk by empowering people with the tools and resources they need to manage critical systems and processes. Food safety training should be used to address the safety responsibility as well as applicable operational and procedures specific to the organization. Training is designed to ensure employees have the skills and knowledge to ensure processes are followed, regulations are met and work can be completed in a safe manner.

intRAtrain Food Safety libraries contain content designed for food related issues. Courses are designed with the industry in mind while also including specific targeted features designed to meet the needs of today’s adult learners. All of the intRAtrain Food Safety catalog courses are customizable and can be used in individual and group training. Courses are designed for individual employee training, yearly refreshers, and group sessions. Supplemental general safety courses are also available if needed.

Data and Document Management
Regulatory management, policy administration and training all require documentation.

intRAtrain Learning Management System - intRAtrain LMS is designed to help you adjust to the different training needs of your team members while making it easy to manage. The LMS is flexible enough to help you manage online, classroom, small groups, coaching, job observations, offsite and paper-based training. It can manage different plans and skill paths while helping admins track skill transfer.

intRAtrain Digital Asset Management - the system is designed to help you manage and control access to documents, resources, procedures, policies, SOPs, etc. Version management and user access are tracked to help ensure that users are viewing up-to-date information. The system is flexible and customizable to different user types, locations, and job roles. All resources are searchable and filterable for easy access and management.

Other products available to assist include document management and custom hosting solutions.

Food Safety Inspection and Audit Management
inspectiTRAC- Food Safety Hazard Inspection and Audit Management Software is used for data collection, tracking, and management. The Corrective Action Management Tool assigns responsibility for resolving failures discovered during observations, inspections, and audits.
  • Food Safety Assessment and Safety Audit
    • Assessment and Audit will review the current food safety program components to determine areas for improvement.
  • Behavior-Based Safety Observation Program
    • Behavior observations help engage the employee in the process and provide a level of ownership in the safety program to ensure a safe final product for the consumer
  • Food Safety Hazard Inspection and Audit Management
    • Software manages and tracks the completion of audits and inspections designed to verify a safe environment
  • Corrective Action Management Tool
    • Response and resolutions of failures discovered during observations, inspections, and audits are critical.
    • Allows for easy monitoring and assignment of corrective actions resulting

Incentives - Can be used to help motivate and reward employees. They can be used with specific components of the FSMS or as part of an overall system.

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